Understanding the information

How do I search the database?

For information on searching for aircraft with G-INFO please go to G-INFO database search.


Why are some fields blank?

The UK Register was computerised in 1985 and some registered ownership and airworthiness records prior to that do not appear. However, all aircraft that have been registered should appear.


How up to date is the information on G-INFO?

It is intended that the data is updated at the end of each working day. On the results screen the extract date is shown which confirms when the data is accurate to.


Errors in the data

Why is the registered owner shown incorrect?

If you are the owner of the aircraft and your details are not shown please contact us immediately. If you are a third party please advise us of what you believe are the correct details giving us the source of your information.


Why am I still shown as the registered owner of this aircraft when I sold it some time ago?

Please contact us immediately giving details of who the aircraft was sold to. For further information on what action to take when selling an aircraft see Changes of Ownership.


How do I change my address details on the Register?

We do not insist that you use your private residential address on your application to register an aircraft but do recommend that you use the most appropriate address for the distribution of safety information. If you wish to change your address on your existing Certificate of Registration to a different correspondence address please return it to us giving details of the new address and a new Certificate will be issued and the Register entry amended. There is no charge for an address change.


Our syndicate owns this aircraft, why is only one person shown as the registered owner?

As long as the words "Trustee of" appear after their name there is no problem. If, however, it appears that the aircraft is registered to an individual when it is in fact group owned please contact us immediately. For further information on how group owned aircraft can be registered see Group Ownership.


Why are the details held about a particular aircraft, such as its year of construction, clearly wrong?

If you believe the details appearing on G-INFO are wrong please let us know by contacting the Aircraft Registration section, please state your source when querying the information.


Why is the county name not included on the address? Why are some address elements missing?

We verify the UK address for all currently registered aircraft against the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) and use the "cleaned" version on our database. County names are not required where the rest of the address is completely accurate. Other address elements such as some localities are not always required in the postal address. If you believe your details are wrong please contact us pointing out the discrepancy, we will then re-check these details with Royal Mail.



I have not given consent for my name and address details to appear on the internet, why are they there?

The CAA is required, by law, to maintain a Register of Aircraft in the UK, to include on it the names and addresses of all persons appearing to it to be qualified to be the owners of the aircraft and to make the register available to any person to inspect. The CAA is therefore required to include your name and address on the register and to make the register available for inspection. This is stated on the application form which an applicant for registration has to complete.

The Register has always been available for inspection personally or by telephone but the CAA believes that it is necessary in the public interest to make the Register available for inspection on the internet.


A note on the screen says "POTENTIAL CHANGE OF REGISTERED OWNERSHIP IN PROGRESS", how can I find out what is happening?

This means that a transaction relating to this aircraft is currently underway at the CAA Aircraft Registration Section. If you are the buyer or seller of this aircraft please contact us for details. If you are not connected with the transaction please note that potential changes of registered ownership are confidential until the Register has been updated, at that point the new registered owner details will appear.


How do I view a photograph of a particular aircraft?

CAA no longer runs a service to provide images of aircraft as there are many aviation photographic web sites offering this service.

One example is ABPic, run by Air-Britain, which has an extensive collection of photographs. A link to this website is provided.

Please note that this website does not belong to the CAA and we do not control the content or availability of it. The inclusion of this link does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of any views expressed within the site.


An aircraft appears to have no current CofA or Permit to Fly. Should this be flying?

The Aircraft Register database may be awaiting the entry of data received from CAA regional offices and/or approved organisations. This is normally achieved within fifteen days of receipt. There are circumstances where aircraft without a current C of A or Permit to Fly may fly, e.g. for testing purposes. Additionally, non-EASA balloons, non-EASA gliders and Single seat de-regulated microlights (SSDR) flying on a private flight beginning and ending in the UK, without passing over any other country do not require a valid C of A or Permit to Fly.


How do I get previous registered owners?

To view the previous registered owners of a particular aircraft please see View Registration History.


Can I export or download the information?

No, G-INFO on the web is a read only tool, to obtain downloadable information see G-INFO on CD or the other information services offered.