CAA web applications site

This new CAA web applications site has been launched as part of a programme of work which will redevelop a number of the CAA non-transactional applications.


The first of the applications that has been redeveloped is the G-INFO search, which has been launched and can be found in the site navigation. For ease of access please see the new G-INFO.

Released as part of a programme of work to improve our web based applications, the new G-INFO search retains the existing functionality plus it has the following additional benefits:

  • it is mobile friendly so it will work on any device,
  • all of the content has been incorporated onto one page, removing the need to open multiple pages or tabs in your browser,
  • a new search on military serial numbers has been introduced.

Both the current G-INFO search and new G-INFO searches will be running in parallel for a few weeks, before the current version of the G-INFO search is decommissioned early in the new year.

Future applications

The subsequent applications that are in scope for redevelopment will also be developed as mobile friendly applications.